Fiziol. rast. genet., 2021, no. 1

Kots S.Ya., Pavlyshche A.V.
The use of fungicides in integrated soybeans protection systems and their impact on the physiological and biochemical processes in plants under inoculation
Kishchenko O., Stepanenko A., Borisjuk M.
Induced mutagenesis in wheat: from ionizing radiation to site-specific gene editing
Deeva А.М., Lazaruk G.V., Pavlovskii N.B., Spiridovich A.V., Reshetnikov V.N.
Dynamics of photosynthetic pigments content in leaves of Vaccinium corymbosum L. during vegetation
Kuryata V.G., Kuts B.A., Poprotska I.V.
Effect of tebuconazole on the use of reserve substances deposited in the seed of Vicia faba L. at the hete-rotrophic phase of development under conditions of photo- and scotomorphogenesis
Priadkina G.O., Makharynska N.M.
Assimilation apparatus of different leaves tyers in winter wheat varieties under adverse environmental conditions
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