A reviewer who is a specialist in a particular field of knowledge assumes the role of editorial consultant and provides a detailed substantiated review of the suitability of the manuscript for publication. In its assessment, the reviewer should draw conclusions on such key issues.

  1. Content in the manuscript of new information that confirms new ideas or repeats known data.

  2. Correspondence of the title of the article to it’s content.

  3. Display in the summary of the contents of the manuscript or the need for its processing.

  4. Reflection in the introduction of the problem and the justification of the work.

  5. Use of modern methods and their full description for reproduction.

  6. Sufficiency and validity of experimental data.

  7. Correspondence of experimental data to the discussion and interpretation of the results.

  8. Relevance of the conclusions made by the authors.

  9. Satisfaction of the literary quality of presentation of the article and preparation of graphic material.

  10. What is need to cut (if necessary) in the article (text, figures, tables).

Recommendations: the manuscript can be recommended to publication, return authors for refinement, decline.