Fiziol. rast. genet. 2020, vol. 52, no. 3, 248-257, doi:

Research of alleles diversity of high molecular and low molecular weight glutenins loci of soft wheat varieties

Radchenko O.M., Sandetska N.V.

  • Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine 31/17 Vasylkivska St., Kyiv, 03022, Ukraine

Using allele-specific primers and protein electrophoresis, in 37 soft wheat varieties the allelic composition of low molecular weight glutenin Glu-A3, Glu-B3, and high molecular  weight glutenin Glu-A1, Glu-B1, Glu-D1 loci was determined. Two alleles were detected at the Glu-A3 locus: Glu-A3d, Glu-A3c (the Glu-A3c allele prevailed); four alleles were detected at the Glu-B3 locus: Glu-B3b, Glu-B3j, Glu-B3g, Glu-B3d (the allele Glu-B3b prevailed). Three alleles were detected at the Glu-A1 locus, the Glu-A1a allele prevailed. Five alleles were detected at the Glu-B1 locus: Glu-B1al, Glu-B1b, Glu-B1c, Glu-B1d, Glu-B1h (the Glu-B1c allele prevailed). Two alleles were detected at the Glu-D1 locus: the Glu-D1a, Glu-D1d (the Glu-D1d allele prevailed). To determine the dependence of wheat flour bakery quality on the allelic state of high molecular weight and low molecular weight glutenin loci, technological indices, caused by gluten proteins, were determined: flour sedimentation index, flour strength, dough elasticity index, dough tensility and resiliency index, strain factor, and dough elasticity and resiliency ratio. The dependence of flour baking quality on the allelic state of low molecular weight glutenins loci Glu-A3 and Glu-B3 was shown. It was found that the highest indices of sedimentation, flour strength and elasticity were characteristic of varieties with alleles Glu-B3b and Glu-B3g. In the varieties with Glu-A3c alleles, the sedimentation index, flour strength, elasticity and dough deformation indices were higher than in the samples with Glu-A3d allele. It has been confirmed that Glu-B1al allele of the high molecular weight glutenin Glu-B1 locus is characteristic of wheat with the highest flour baking quality.

Keywords: Triticum aestivum L., bread wheat, grain storage proteins, low molecular weight glutenin and high molecular weight glutenin loci, PCR analysis

Fiziol. rast. genet.
2020, vol. 52, no. 3, 248-257

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