Fiziol. rast. genet., 2017, no. 2

Radenović Č.N., Grodzinskij D.M., Petrović R.J., Dinić B.S., Radosavljević M.M., Terzić D.P., Janković M.Z., Ranković D.M.
Characteristics of new maize inbred lines and their hybrids with high nutritional and feed qualities
Dubrovna O.V., Goncharuk A.N., Velikozhon L.G.
IRAP-analysis of genetically modified wheat plants obtanied by Agrobacterium-mediated transformation in vitro
Shilina J.V., Guscha M.I., Molozhava O.S., Shevchenko J.I., Dmitriev A.P.
Immunomodulatory properties of bacterial lipopolysaccharides in Arabidopsis thaliana plants and their modification
Sergeeva L.E.
Nitrate reductase activity in biotechnology tobacco plants under enzyme inhibitors action
Ozherelieva Z.E., Kurashev O.V., Prudnikov P.S., Krivushina D.A.
Resistance of new gooseberry varieties to low temperature in autumn-winter period
Chipilyak T.F.
Pigments content in the leaves of species of the genus Hemerocallis L. under introduction in steppe zone of Ukraine
Sichkar S.M., Lyalko I.I., Dubrovna O.V.
Meiosis course in hybrids F1—F2  T. spelta L. ╳ T. aestivum L.
Mamenko T.P., Shegeda I.M., Pochinok V.M., Senina L.V.
Effects of nitrogen supply on antioxidant enzymes activity in leaves of winter wheat
Sergeeva L.E., Bronnikova L.I.
Cell selection with Ва2+ cations for obtaining salt resistant wheat lines
Kolupaev Yu.Ye.
Matskov Fedir Pylypovich