Fiziol. rast. genet., 2023, no. 5

Morderer Ye.
What is missing to create new herbicides and solving the problem of resistance?
Guralchuk Zh.Z., Gurianov D.S.
Participation of autophagy in the response of plants to the action of abiotic stressors
Matvieieva N.A., Duplij V.P., Ra­tushnyak Ya.I.
The effect of the tem­perature stress on the growth and content of bioactive compounds in the «hairy» roots Bidens pilosa L.
Kyyak N.Ya., Terek O.I.
Physiological mechanisms of the adaptation of mosses from forest ecosystems to the chaging conditions of the water regime
Rudnyk-Ivashchenko O.I., Mykhalska L.М., Sсhwartau V.V.
Peculiarities of Tanacetum vulgare mineral nutrition
Ponomareva I.G., Yukhymuk V.V.
Acceleration of herbicide aclonifen phytotoxic action by join application with no donor sodium nitroprusside