Fiziol. rast. genet., 2023, no. 2

Kiriziy D.A.
Priming and cross-adaptation of plants to abiotic stresses: state of the problem and prospects
Kolupaev Yu.E., Shakhov I.V., Kokorev O.I.
Seed priming by donors of gasotransmitters and compounds with hormonal activity: growth and stress-protective effects
Katrii V.B., Velykozhon L.G., Slyvka L.V., Rybalka O.I., Morgun B.V.
Identification of lpa mutations in barley grains using molecular markers
Topchiy N.M., Dadyka V.V., Zolotareva O.K.
The influence of root hypoxia on the photosynthetic apparatus of spinach during hydroponic cultivation
Matvieieva N., Duplij V., Bohdanovyсh T., Vozár Ľ., Kovár P., Hric P., Brindza J.
The effect of alginite on the growth and bioactivity of lettuce plants in vitro
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