Fiziol. rast. genet., 2022, no. 5

Kolupaev Yu.E., Taraban D.A., Karpets Yu.V., Panchenko V.G.
Melatonin in plants: participation in signaling and adaptation to abiotic factors
Guralchuk Zh.Z.
Impact of climate changes on weed vegetation and herbicides efficiency
Radchenko M.P., Gurianov D.S., Morderer Ye.Yu.
DNA fragmentation and endonuclease activity under the effect of herbicides acetyl-CoA-carboxylase and acetolactat synthase inhibitors
Ponomareva I.G., Khandezhyna M.V., Radchenko M.P.
Increase in the phytotoxic effect of protoporphyrinogen oxidase inhibiting herbicide carfentrazone and herbicide synthetic auxin 2,4-D by join use with the NO donor sodium nitroprusside
Tarasiuk M.V., Stasik О.О.
The effect of drought at flowering stage on the dynamics of accumulation and remobilization of reserve water-soluble carbohydrates in stem segments of winter wheat varieties contrasting in drought resistance
Rudnyk-Ivashchenko O.I., Tsandur M.M., Schwartau V.V.
Features of the impact of low temperatures on Actinidia arguta