Fiziol. rast. genet., 2022, no. 2

Kiriziy D.A., Stasik O.O.
Effects of drought and high temperature on physiological and biochemical processes, and productivity of plants
Huliaieva H.B., Tokovenko I.P., Hnatiuk T.T., Bogdan M.M., Paty­ka V.P.
Physiological and biochemical changes in soybeen plants under influence of phytopathogenic microorganisms and presowing treat­ment of seeds with molibdenum nanochelates
Shevchenko V.V., Bondarenko O.Yu., Kornyeyev D.Yu.
Short-term heating causes thylakoid restructuring in pea chloroplasts and modifies spectral properties of pigment-protein complexes
Yukhуmuk V.V., Radchenko M.P., Guralchuk Zh.Z., Morderer Ye.Yu.
Efficacy of weed control by herbicides diflufenican, metribuzin and carfentrazone when applied in winter wheat crops in autumn
Herts A.I., Kononchuk O.B., Herts N.V., Pidlisnyuk V.V., Khomenchuk V.O., Pyda S.V.
Reaction of miscanthus w gi­ganteus photosynthetic apparatus to diesel pollution and soil restoration by biochar
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