Fiziol. rast. genet., 2021

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Babenko L.M., Kosakivska I.V., Voytenko L.V., Romanenko K.O.
Bacterial signaling molecules of acyl-homoserine lactone type: effect on plant growth and stress resistance
Dascaliuc A., Zdioruc N., Ralea T.
Determination of Triticum aestivum L. primary resistance to high temperature
Deeva А.М., Lazaruk G.V., Pavlovskii N.B., Spiridovich A.V., Reshetnikov V.N.
Dynamics of photosynthetic pigments content in leaves of Vaccinium corymbosum L. during vegetation
Jafarova J.1, Ganieva R.1, Mammadova L.2, Agalarov R.2, Gasanov R.2
Structural and functional dependence of PSII activity under oxidative stress
Katrii V.B.1, Rybalka A.I.1,2, Morgun B.V.1,3
Physiological-biochemical and genetic features of barley as a product for functional nutrition
Kedruk A.C., Kiriziy D.A., Sokolovska-Sergienko O.G., Stasik O.O.
Response of the photosynthetic apparatus of winter wheat varieties to the combined action of drought and high temperature
Kiriziy D.A., Kedruk A.S., Sokolovska-Sergiienko O.G., Dubrovna O.V., Stasik O.O.
Responses of photosynthetic apparatus of genetically modified wheat plants containing a double-stranded rna suppressor of the proline dehydrogenase gene to drought and high temperature
Kishchenko O., Stepanenko A., Borisjuk M.
Induced mutagenesis in wheat: from ionizing radiation to site-specific gene editing
Kots S.Ya.
Biological nitrogen fixation: achievements and prospects
Kots S.Ya., Kukol K.P.
The effect of pesticides on nodule bacteria in pure culture and on rea­lization of their symbiotic potential
Kots S.Ya., Pavlyshche A.V.
The use of fungicides in integrated soybeans protection systems and their impact on the physiological and biochemical processes in plants under inoculation
Kukol K.P.1, Pukhtaievych P.P.1, Rybachenko L.I.1, Sobolenko L.Yu.2
Influence of nanocarboxylates of biogenic metals on germination energy and on laboratory germination of soybean seeds
Kuryata V.G., Kuts B.A., Poprotska I.V.
Effect of tebuconazole on the use of reserve substances deposited in the seed of Vicia faba L. at the hete-rotrophic phase of development under conditions of photo- and scotomorphogenesis
Kuryata V.G., Kuts B.О., Poprotska I.V.
Anatomic-physiological changes in horse bean seedlings under the influence of gibberellin and tebuconazole at conditions of photo- and scotomorphogenesis
Matvieieva N.A.1, Melnyk A.S.1, Duplij V.P.1,2, Kyrpa T.M.1, Kuchuk M.V.1
Influence of nitrogen-containing salts on the growth and accumulation of flavonoids in «hairy» roots of chicory
Mokrosnop V.M., Zolotareva E.K.
Strategies for increasing alphatocopherol content in plants
Morderer Ye.Yu., Guralchuk Zh.Z.
Investigations of mechanisms of action of physiologically active substances and herbicides: main achievements and innovative developments
Morgun V.V., Kots S.Ya.
Contribu­tion of scientists of the Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics of NAS of Ukraine in the development of biological science and economy of the country
Morgun V.V., Kots S.Ya.
To the 100th anniversary of Andriy Vasyliovych Manoryk birth
Morgun V.V., Kots S.Ya.
Volodymyr Pylypovych Patyka (to the 75th anniversary of his birth)
Morgun V.V., Rybalka O.I., Dubrovna O.V.
Genetic improvement of plants: main scientific achievements and innovative developments
Morgun V.V., Yakymchuk R.A.
Genetic consequences of Chornobyl disaster: 35 years of study
Morgun V.V.2, Rybalka O.I.1,2, Morgun B.V.3
New scientific approaches in genetic amelioration of cereal crops
Mykhalska L.M.1, Schwartau V.V.1, Makoveychuk T.I.1, Zozulia O.L.2
Influence of inorganic ions and seed treatment compositions on development of winter wheat seedlings
Priadkina G.O., Makharynska N.M.
Assimilation apparatus of different leaves tyers in winter wheat varieties under adverse environmental conditions
Radenović Č.N.1,2, Maksimov G.V.3, Bajuk Bogdanović D.2, Hao J.4, Radosavljević M.M.1, Delić N.S.1, Čamdžija Z.F.1
The infrared spectrum of the ultra quality maize hybrid preferable for human consumption: the identification of organic molecules and excited state of functional groups in spectral bands of the kernel, endosperm, pericarp and the germ
Rogach V.V.1, Voytenko L.V.2, Shcherbatiuk M.M.2, Kuryata V.G.1, Kosakivska I.V.2, Rogach T.I.1
Effects of exogenous plant growth regulators on morphogenesis, physiological and biochemical characteristics, and productivity of sweet pepper Capsicum annuum L.
Rybachenko L.I., Kots S.Ya., Pav­lyshche A.V., Rybachenko O.R., Khomenko Yu.О.
Peculiarities of soybean-risobial systems functioning under the influence of fungicides and complex growth regulator stimpo
Shcherbatiuk М.М.1, Voytenko L.V.1, Kharkhota М.A.2, Коsakivska І.V.1
Profiling of cytokinins in plant tissues: sampling, qualitative and quantitative analysis
Stasik O.O., Kiriziy D.A., Priadki­na G.O
Photosynthesis and productivity: main scientific achievements and innovative developments
Vedenicheva N.P., Shcherbatyuk M.M., Kosakivska I.V.
Endogenous cytokinins of Secale cereale L. under high temperature impact: dynamics and localization in the alarm, acclimation and recovery phase
Yaroshko O.M., Matvieieva N.A., Kuchuk M.V.
Transient expression of uida and gfp genes in Physalis peruviana
Yukhymuk V.V., Radchenko M.P., Sytnyk S.K., Morderer Ye.Yu.
Interaction effect in the tank mixtures of herbicides diflufenican, metribuzin and carfentrazone
Zborivska О.V., Tarasiuk M.V., Stasik О.О.
Storage capacity of stem segments in winter wheat varieties of different period of release