Fiziol. rast. genet., 2020, no. 6

Kyrychenko O.V.
Lectin activity of soybean seeds
Honcharov Yu.O., Prysiazhniuk L.M., Shytikova Yu.V., Melnyk S.I.
The evaluation of maize breeding material adapted to conditions of the Steppe of Ukraine by allelic state of β-carotene hydroxylase1 gene
Shishlova-Sokolovskaya A.M., Efimenko S.G.
Biochemical composition of seeds of transgenic spring rapeseed plants carrying the Mammalia cyp11a1 gene
Kukol K.P., Vorobey N.A., Pukhtaievych P.P., Kots S.Ya.
Efficacy of soybean inoculation by biopreparations based on fungicide-resistant rhizobium strains under seed treaters impact
Kovalyshyn I.B., Shevchenko V.V.
Phosphate and phosphite: influence on the state of wheat photosynthetic apparatus
Shutava H.G., Bashilov A.V., Sedun E.A.
Selection of highly decorative plants of the Belarus native flora resistant to chloride salinization for use in landscaping of the urban environment
Dubrovna O.V., Slivka L.V.
Influence of picloram on the morphogenesis of calli cultures of selection-value genotypes of winter wheat under Agrobacterium-mediated transformation
Mykhalska L.M., Sanin O.Yu., Tretyakov V.O.
Influence of nutritional elements and fungicides on chlorophyll content in leaves of highly productive winter wheat varieties