Fiziol. rast. genet., 2020, no. 4

Rohach V.V., Kiriziy D.A., Stasik O.O., Mickevicius S., Rohach T.I.
The effect of growth promotors and retardants on the morphogenesis, photosynthesis and productivity of tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)
Polishchuk A.V., Podorvanov V.V., Zolotareva E.K.
Electron and proton transport in chloroplasts of pea plants after night exposures to chilling temperatures
Buzduga I.M., Volkov R.A., Pаnchuk I.I.
Loss of catalase 2 activity affects the ascorbate metabolism in Arabidopsis upon heavy metal stress
Voloshchuk A.Р., Gavrilyuk M.M., Voloshchuk I.S., Hlyva V.V.
Variety peculiarities of winter wheat productivity and yield loss under the influence of weather factors in the western forest steppe
Makarenko N.V., Zaimenko N.V.
The influence of silicon-containing mixtures on growth and development dynamics, and nutritional elements content  in ornamental plants under affection by Erysiphales
Kosakivska I.V., Zolotareva E.K., Voytenko L.V.
Achievements of scien­tists of «Plant growth and development, physiologically active substances» section of the Ukrainian society of plant physiologists (2018—2019)
Kuryata V.G., Kushnir O.V., Poprotska I.V., Kravets O.O.
Influence of tebuconazole on leaf apparatus formation, accumulation and redistribution of nutrients in relation with sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) crop productivity
Appendix. List of habitual abbreviations and symbols