Fiziol. rast. genet., 2020, no. 1

Vedenicheva N.P., Kosakivska I.V.
Cytokinins in cereals ontogenesis and adaptation
Kuryata V.G., Shataliuk H.S.
The effect of gibberellin and retardants on the redistribution of carbohydrates and nutrients in gooseberry (Grossularia reclinat (L.) Mill) leaves and stems in relation to the culture productivity
Stasik O.O., Pryadkina G.O., Kiriziy D.A., Sytnik S.K., Kapitanska O.S., Mikhno A.I., Makharinska N.M.
Effect of foliar treatment with microelement complex, obtained by nanotechnology, on the photosynthetic activity of winter wheat plants under different moisture
Sergeeva L.E., Kurchii V.M., Bronnikova L.I.
Compatible osmotic substances — proline and sucrose — in wheat cell lines with combined stress tolerance
Kosakivska I.V., Vasyuk V.A., Voytenko L.V.
Effect of priming with abscisic acid  on the growth and post-stress rehabilitation of the wheat and spelt under conditions of a simulated moderate soil drought
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